Ned Selfe


Lyric Credits: Ned Selfe & Robin Pearl
Music Credits: Ned Selfe & Robin Pearl
Producer Credits: Bonnie Hayes, Ned Selfe, Robin Pearl
Publisher Credits: Selfe Service Music/BMI
Performance Credits: Robin & The Rocks
Label Credits: Selfe Service Records
Short Song Description:
Have you ever wished you could turn the tables on that good looking jerk who always seems to get the girl?
Long Song Description:
Sometimes you've just got to put your foot down and refuse to be someone else's fool. No one will be more surprised that the person who's always gotten by on charm and looks....
Story Behind the Song:
A little twist on the heart throb rock star story - when the big shot gets put down, it's always big news. There's more than one way to be Famous....
Song Length: 5:23
Primary Genre: World-African
Secondary Genre: Rock-General
Tempo / Feel: Medium (111 - 130)
Lead Vocal: Instrumental
Subject Matter 1: Country, Nation
Subject Matter 2: Courage
Mood 1: Exultant
Mood 2: Diplomatic
Similar Artist 1: Erykah Badu
Similar Artist 2: Peter Gabriel
Language: No Language