Ned Selfe

Brief Bio

Born in the South, Ned Selfe grew up in an atmosphere filled with art & music. His eccentric mother was an avid art collector and played classical music for hours on end. He began playing acoustic guitar at an early age, until he heard Duane Allman playing electrified slide guitar and was mesmerized by the sound. He experimented with bottleneck, dobro, lap steel, and finally wound up focusing on pedal steel guitar. His love of music lead him across the country to attend Blue Bear School of Music in San Francisco. It was the early 70's, a great time for music in the Bay Area. The teachings at Blue Bear corresponded to the musical thought of the times; it doesn't matter what you call it as long as it's good music.

Since he began playing pedal steel, Ned has been striving to explore "...where no steel has gone before...." He played in blues, country and swing bands before putting steel at the forefront of the pop rock band Robin & The Rocks. In the early 90's he began experimenting with traditional slide instruments and MIDI technology. Inspired by a project for Stephen Hill of Hearts of Space, he composed his first solo effort, "Glaciers Come, Glaciers Go", a unique confluence of rock roots and new age instrumental ambience that surprised even the author. His work on "Glaciers..." earned Ned two second round Grammy nominations, for Best New Artist and Best Engineered Recording, as well as nationwide airplay on a wide spectrum of radio stations from NAC to NPR to cable networks.

His second CD, "Errands In Paradise", also earned Grammy nods for Production and Engineering, with even more radio play and critical acceptance. He has since journeyed even further West to Hawaii and is currently at work on completing his 3rd solo CD.


" Lovely. Absolutely lovely....Ned Selfe's new CD [Errands In Paradise] is one of the nicest steel guitar recordings of the year.... It is not a traditional steel guitar album designed to impress other steel guitarists. It is rather a collection of works by a gifted musician and composer whose instrument [is] the pedal steel guitar.... Thumbs up as high as I can stretch them."

Mike Perlowin
Steel Guitar World Magazine


"An outrageously talented pedal steel guitar player, Selfe also has quite an ear for fresh, original compositions that have me coming back for more....Selfe weaves elements of jazz, pop and rock through blues, world, ambient and Hawaiian into tapestries of totally fresh sonic pleasure.... "Errands In Paradise" is a great album for fans of fresh contemporary music, and is one of my favorite albums...."

Steve Ryals
New Age Retailer
Planet Earth Music


"Whatever [your] vision of paradise is, it's a good bet that the music on 'Errands In Paradise' will bring a smile to the face of guitar fans.... In addition to pedal steel, Ned himself also plays lap steel, dobro, e-bow, steel/MIDI, and ped-a-bro. However you slice it, this man can pick and strum!"

Bill Binkelman
Wind and Wire Magazine

Top Five

"Out of the 70 - 80 CD's I have received for review consideration...I would easily place this in the top five. It is well produced, well played and well delivered music. 'Errands In Paradise' sticks in the brain long after the final chords have faded, leaving something for the listener to come back to again and again."

Ben Kettlewell
Alternative Music Press

Smooth Mix

"Selfe's music is a smooth mix of easy going melodies to help you remember to just kick back and enjoy least for a little while."

Dan Liss
New Age Voice

Consummate Album

"Following up his acclaimed '95 album 'Glaciers Come, Glaciers Go'..., Ned Selfe now emerges with a near consummate album of contemporary guitar based jazz/pop instrumentals.... Reflecting Selfe's mastery of a wide variety of ...genres, includng Hawaiian slack key and techno-ambient jazz, 'Errands In Paradise' is clearly one of the finest instrumental guitar albums of the 90's."

Robert Silverstein
20th Century Guitar

Strong Melodies

"Strong melodies are the hallmark of this album that showcases Mr. Selfe's virtuosity and the reach into contemporary music his instruments truly have...."

Richard Fuller
Metaphysical Reviews
The World Times

Wonderful Ear Candy

"Ned is a fabulous pedal steel guitar player whose motto is, "where no steel has gone before", and it will not take long for you to hear the lively freshness of Ned's playing and composing.'Glaciers Come, Glaciers Go' is full of the kind of wonderful ear candy that keeps on satisfying...."

Steve Ryals
New Age Retailer

Guitar Lovers

"Guitar lovers will find much to cheer about on 'Glaciers Come, Glaciers Go', the new album from Bay Area music vet, Ned Selfe. This out of sight set spotlights Selfe's pop and rock finesse on steel guitars and dobro, set against a treasure trove of world music, ambient and new age influences. Fans of world renowned musicians like guitarists Ry Cooder and David Lindley will fall for this disc - easily one of the finest instrumental albums of 1995...."

Robert Silverstein
Time & A Word

just plain 'purty'

"This is steel like you've never beat, rock and roll, ambient, and just plain 'purty'...."

Peggy Randele
NAPRA Review

Unique Hybrid

"'Glaciers Come, Glaciers Go' is a new contemporary release featuring Ned Selfe on pedal steel guitar and dobro. Selfe has managed to concoct a unique hybrid of traditional sounds with modern technology, giving 'Glaciers' a contemporary feel. Selfe, producer Peter Elman and a myriad of seasoned musicians craft a unique album."

Pat Nugent
New Age Voice